A Big Indian Story is a culture more than a brand with a strong commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. We believe that luxury and fashion don't have to become synonymous with animal suffering and exploitation of natural resources; that fashion does not have to harm the environment, hence our mission began to launch a fashion trend with an eco-friendly and bi-product-based manufacturing line.

Switching to eco-friendly materials begins with a single deliberate decision that gradually transforms into a mentality, a filter you apply before making each personal or professional decision. Our journey as a conscious team began with little adjustments such as avoiding single-use plastics, reducing water wastage, becoming more mindful of our own buying habits, exploring veganism and so on. And these choices slowly but surely defined what ABIS is today – a cruelty-free conscious sustainable design house.

Our collections are a modern take on Indian heritage and its bespoke crafts, handcrafted with pioneering plant based materials sourced from across the world. We use leather alternatives like Pinatex (from pineapple leaves),  apple skin leather and cactus leather. As opposed to traditional animal leather, these vegan-based leather impact positively on the environment while reducing farmland wastage and promoting social, cultural, and ecological development.

An important part of being a sustainable brand is to help our local communities,  so we engage with local skilled artisans for our manufacturing and offer fair trade wages, better working conditions and sustainable livelihood.

We have assured ourselves that we will do whatever it takes to make the world a better place, one sustainable product at a time. We all enjoy fashion, but let’s not do it at the expense of nature, animals or mankind.

Welcome to our story – A Big Indian Story – Fashion for the greater good.