Eda Choker - Red
Eda Choker - Red


Eda Choker - Red

Sale priceRs. 4,200

Statement choker is made with real antique coins.

ZURI is a curated collection of vintage jewellery originally created in the land of Turkmenistan upgraded and restored by artisans in India with semi precious stones, glass beads along with ancient welding and weaving techniques. Bringing you something truly unique with every single piece of jewellery.                                                 The charm of mystic lands

CARE This collection made of original German silver which is a sturdy material that doesn’t require too much care and will not tarnish for a long time. But if you think your ZURI jewellery requires some TLC wash the item in warm water and mild dish soap to remove dirt, dust and oils. Rinse it well, and then gently blot the water from the item's surface with a soft, static-free, lint-free drying cloth.

 Material- German silver 

* Since this is vintage jewellery that has been restored by hand by artisans, it may have a few irregularities which adds to its old world charm