A Big Indian Story is now proud to be associated with Saras Foundation in their women empowerment initiative. We support them by supplying designs and fabrics which are then handmade into beautiful quilts and comforters by the community women. So through this initiative, we are able to contribute to the livelihood of artisans involved in making of the fabrics as well as the community women.

Saras Foundation is working with women in drought-hit areas of rural Maharashtra to help them through various income generation activities.



We invite you to be a part of this initiative and contribute to this socially relevant cause.
Book one of our beautiful handcrafted quilts and directly support these women.

Quilts are made using pure organic cotton with natural dyed fabrics and filled with high quality Recron fibre for all season warmth and comfort.

Currently available in the following sizes:

1) Single 60 x 90 inches

2) Double 90 x 108 inches

3) Kids 36 x 42 inches

We can also customize to your size.

To order your quilt, email us at : helloabis@gmail.com