Adhering to sustainable fabrics and artisanal crafts is of paramount importance to our organization. Not only does this align with our core values, but it also contributes to the unique and superior quality of our products. We believe that utilising environmentally friendly materials and traditional skill sets is a crucial factor in creating exceptional products. Explore the crafts and materials that bring life to our beautiful creations.

----- CRAFT -----


Originally from the Sindh region, Ajrakh is an elaborate block printing technique that involves layering of prints to create unique effects. Read More


Chikankari, originating from Lucknow, India, is a stunning form of needlework that involves intricate shadow work embroidery. Read More


Kalamkari is an ancient art form originated from Andhra Pradesh’s villages. It features beautiful and intricate paintings made using a pen made of bamboo fiber called the ‘Kalam.’ Read More


Jaipur is known for its Kilim weaving, a type of handwoven rug that features beautiful tapestry patterns created by traditional artisans who weave the warp and weft together into a flatweave. Read More


Kutch Embroidery is a handicraft art form from Gujarat's Kutch District. Cotton or silk threads are used to create intricate motifs on cotton, silk, or satin materials. Read More


Lambani embroidery: nomadic tribes in Southern India create breathtakingly beautiful hand-embroidered designs with ornate, vibrant colors, rich cultural heritage, and remarkable artistry. Read More


Mirzapuri weave refers to a type of handloom weaving technique practiced in the Mirzapur region of Uttar Pradesh, India. Read More

---- MATERIALS ----


Apple leather is a luxurious and sophisticated material that is crafted from the peels of apples. Read More

Desserto (Cactus Vegan Leather)

Desserto is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made from Nopal cactus plant originating in Mexico. Read More


Hemp fabric is a new super material made of hemp fiber from the Cannabis sativa plant. Read More


Kala cotton is one of the signature materials at ABIS. Kala Cotton is the oldest and most genetically pure strain of homegrown Indian cotton. Read More


Linen is a biodegradable and durable natural fabric made from flax plant fibers. Read More


Organic corduroy is a type of fabric with a ribbed surface made from organic cotton or other natural fibers that have been grown without use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs.Read More

Pinatex (Pineapple Vegan Leather)

Pinatex is a pineapple leaf-based leather alternative made by blending leaf filers with corn-based polylactic acid and processing them mechanically. Read More

Silicone leather

Organic Silicone Leather is an innovative material using the power of Silicone. It is an environment friendly material with incredible strength, flexibility and water-resistance. Read More


Vegan Leather is a synthetic material made from polymers which can be recycled. Read More